Below you will find a list of all our Past Champions from previous tournaments. Tournament positions will be the basis for the point system for Bowler Of The Year.  Please note that there were no tournaments held in some months of 2011. Back links are provided to the tournament results by simply clicking on the Bowler's name.


2024 Results

January 6    Ed Peart
February 24    Tim Skinner
March 16    Frank Camilleri
April 6   Dennis Johnson and Todd Stuart
April 20   Ken Wyatt
May 18   Ken Wyatt


2023 Results

January 28    Carl Bishop
February 18   Larry Walker
March 18   Frank Camilleri
April 1   Rick Parschen 
April 22   Bo Goergen and  Andre Gonzales 
May 6   Duane Henderson
June 6   Jerry Kopec
June 24   Stephen Krywy
July 15   Dale Hoffmeister
August 5   John Shreve Jr.
August 19   Brian Esterle
September 16   David Danielak 
October 7   Earl Anthony Jr. and Ron Bradley
October 21   Teri White
November 18   Mike McClesky
December 2   Jerry Sikora 



2022 Results

January 22    Rick Wayne
February 19   Larry Walker 
March 19   Gerald Johnson 
April 2   Trent Marner and Andre Gonzalez 
April 23   Jeff Austreng 
May 7   Jerry Sikora
June 4   Mike Kereluk
June 25   Jeff Austreng
July 16   Dale Hoffmeister
August 6   Tim Skinner
August 20   Gerald Johnson
September 17   Jeff Austreng 
October 1   Marty Sanders and Zack Colosimo
October 15   Gerald Johnson 
November 26   Gerald Johnson 
December 3   Ken Wyatt


2021 Results

January 23     Tony Stipcak
February 20   Jim  Lauricella
March 20   Carl Bishop 
April 3   Stacey Timmer and Toary Taylor
April 17   Jim Lauricella 
May 1   Mike Calvin 
June 5   Brian Brennan
June 26   Doug Moore
July 17   Gerald Johnson
August 7   Bill Essman
August 21   Eddie Mintz 
September 18   Rick Parschen
October 2   Larry Walker and Ronnie Sparks Jr. 
October 16   Larry Walker 
November 27   Carl Bishop
December 4   Troy Stus


2020 Results

January 4     Troy Stus
January 18   Cancelled due to weather
February 22   Mike Lucente
March 21   Cancelled due to Covid-19
April 4   Cancelled due to Covid-19
April 25   Cancelled due to Covid-19
May 16   Cancelled due to Covid-19
June 27   Mike Kereluk
July 18   Gerald Johnson
August 15   Jeff Kendall
August 29   Carl Bishop
September 12   Steve Jakubowski
September 19   Dave Schumacher
October 3   Eddie Mintz and George Juszczyk
October 17   Bill Froberg
November 14   Cancelled due to Covid-19
December 19   Stacey Timmer


2019 Results

January 5     Rick Wayne
January 19   Joe Ciach 
February 23   Joe Ciach 
March 30   Mostafa Nejabakhsh
April 6   Steve Jakubowski and Charles Easton
April 27   Brad Gray
May 18   Glenn Pilon
June 29   Gerald Johnson
July 20   Gerald Johnson
August 3   Steve Kenyon
August 24   Troy Stus
September 21   Steve Jakubowski
October 5   Larry Walker and Ronnie Sparks jr.
October 26   Pete Kaczmarczyk
November 6   Gary Duarard
December 7   Joe Krejenke


2018 Results

January 6     Jeff Suma
January 20   Ed Austreng
February 24   Dave Patchen
March 3   Jim Lauricella and Ken Wyatt
March 17   Troy Stus
April 7   Bo Goergen and Robert Eddy
April 28   Mike Snow
May 19   Gary Schluchter 
June 2   Brad Gray and Brian Bush
June 23   Mike Calvin
July 21   Ken Wyatt
August 4   Ron Burgess
August 25   Ken Wyatt
September 22   Ken Wyatt
October 27   Dale Strike
November 17   Dave Eatmon
December 1   Mark Lobdell


2017 Results

January 7     Gerald Johnson
January 28   Dave Patchen
February 25   Gerald Johnson
March 4   Marty Lavigne and Dave Patchen
March 18   Bob Slayden
April 8   Gerald Johnson
April 29   Edwin Peart 
May 20   John Chapman
June 3   Steve Jakubowski and Charles Easton
June 24   Mike Calvin
July 22   Jeff Suma
August 5   Nick Wissinger
August 26   Frank Camilleri
September 23   Gerald Johnson
October 28   Eddie Mintz
November 18   Rick Wayne
December 2   Gerald Johnson

2016 Results

January 2     Jeff Wallen
January 30   Mike Chapman
February 27   Bo Goergen
March 5   Marty Lavigne and Dave Patchen
March 26   Bob Schultz
April 23   Dan Mayer
May 21   Steve Sears
June 4   Gerald Johnson and Jordan Hornes
June 25   Joey Hickey
July 23   Steve Jakubowski
August 6   Bob Thompson
August 27   Bob Edwards
September 24   Mike Calvin
October 22   Mitch Jabczenski
November 19   Jeff Suma
December 3   Chris Scott

2015 Results

January 3     Mike Chapman 
January 24   Larry Walker 
February   Pete Kaczmarcyk 
March   Gerald Johnson
April   Ken Wyatt 
May   John Chapman 
June   Sandy Schulz
July   Ernie Segura Jr. 
August   Mitch Jabczenski
September   22 way tie 
October   Mike Calvin 
November   Gerald Johnson
December   Ken Wyatt

2014 Results

January    Pete Kaczmarczyk 
February   Larry Walker 
March   Aaron Staples 
April   Ken Wyatt 
May   Gerald Johnson
June   Larry Walker 
July   Ken Wyatt 
August   Terry Dockery 
September   Gerald Johnson
October   Ken Wyatt 
November   Larry Walker
December   Leroy Johnson 

2013 Results

January     Larry Walker
February   Gerald Johnson 
March   Larry Franz 
April   Keith Caldwell 
May   Gerald Johnson 
June   Gerald Johnson 
July   No Tournament 
August   Gerald Johnson
September   Mike Abbey 
October   Ken Wyatt 
November   Keith Caldwell 
December   Eddie Mintz 

2012 Results

January     Larry Franz
February   Gerald Johnson
March   Rick Wayne 
April   Rick Capaldi
May   Doug Spicer
June   Carl Harden
July   No Tournament 
August   Gerald Johnson 
September   Gerald Johnson
October   Rick Wayne 
November   Ken Wyatt
December   Ken Wyatt 

2011 Results

April     Larry Walker
August   Gerald Johnson
September   Dave Tulak
October   Mike Lee
December   Mike Chapman