To all SSO bowlers, October 8, 2015

Oil PatternThere has been some unrest, to say the least, about some of the patterns we have used, particularly the last two, Turnpike and Cheetah.

I first want everyone to know that when I have asked a bowling center to put down a particular pattern, it is never done with the intention of making it ordinarily difficult, nor is it meant to make any bowler look ridiculous. Some of the patterns seemingly have. I will never repeat any pattern that I deem too difficult or biases a particular side. It should be noted that not every center is able to clone a particular pattern. I hope all of you know that my reputation and integrity mean everything to me. I started the SSO in hopes of bringing our members a fair prize fund and condition. If I have failed in this, I sincerely apologize. Our association has grown at an incredibly fast pace and I hope that we continue in a positive direction. As always, myself or any other Director, are open to hearing anything you might have to say. Of course, it goes without saying that without you, the members, we would not be able to have this tournament. I look forward to seeing all of you at our future events and wish everyone the very best.


Lew Ansara
Executive Director

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